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#1 Re: Kernel & Hardware » RC410M [Mobility Radeon Xpress 200M] » Yesterday 21:15:51

NVidia have only been shipping binary blobs for linux since i've been using Linux, or in other words something over 10 years ago now.

#2 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » FIXED: pandoc broken in community-testing (haskell-quickcheck too new » Yesterday 21:05:13

Fixed when checked at time of writing.  pandoc is now at ver 2.7.2, and haskell-quickcheck is still at ver 2.12.6 and this combination seems to work.

#3 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » Mplayer can't play videos any more » Yesterday 20:58:30

I've found the source of that first error in src/ from here:

I'm not familiar yet with gl instantiation, which is what it seems to be doing around those parts, so I don't see what's causing gl not to be ready there.  I did install mesa-demos and checked glxgears which seemed to run fine, so it's not like gl is broken.

#4 Re: Installation » SSL Certificate for this forum expired » 2019-06-13 15:53:10

As far as I can remember the only problem with publishing non-identifiable stuff on bugtrackers and forums like this is the increased simplicity of man-in-the-middling it, which I guess could get my password for logging in here (which I don't reuse anywhere else, but still it's best avoided FWIW).

#5 Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » Mplayer can't play videos any more » 2019-06-13 15:46:23

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Thanks very much for the pentum 4 update to mplayer - it enabled me to undo my hacks to unpack 686 dependent packages.  Unfortunately, the performance doesn't seem to be as good as it used to me on my eeepc when I was running all i686 packages.

For mp4 files, it'll simply create a non-redrawing window and hang, and only get killed by ctrl-Cing the terminal window twice.  For webm files though it does play the audio, but spits out some of these errors while running (and also has the same non-redrawing window)

libvdpau-va-gl: OutputSurface::Resource::Resource(): framebuffer not ready, 36054
[vdpau] Error when calling vdp_output_surface_create: VDP_STATUS_ERROR
[vdpau] Error when calling vdp_video_surface_put_bits_y_cb_cr: VDP_STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE
[vdpau] Error when calling vdp_presentation_queue_block_until_surface_idle: VDP_STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE
[vdpau] Error when calling vdp_video_mixer_render: VDP_STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE
[vdpau] Error when calling vdp_presentation_queue_display: VDP_STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE

And in this case, it does respond to keypresses like q to quit, so I don't need to SIGINT it.

I experienced this already with my previous hacked up usr/lib directory so I could run the previous release, but kind of hoped I'd messed up and it'd run better with a full pentum4 release.  No such luck, it seems.

It will still play mp3, m4a and flac files that I've tested fine fwiw, it only seems to have problems drawing videos.

#6 Re: Installation » SSL Certificate for this forum expired » 2019-06-13 15:02:32

Yes, a plain non-redirecting http version would do me fine for the duration of the outage.  Doesn't need to be on the same domain name, so you could retain the whole hsts and redirection on the bbs-dot address, but have a different address we could enter to get to the forum over plain old http.  An automatically renewing certificate would be a nice extra from there.

I wonder if my moan on the IRC channel had the intended effect in the end.  For me, I couldn't get on here on Monday 10th and have been offline since then, but I did flag it on the channel on the 8th I think.

#7 Re: Creating/Maintaining Packages » Adapting firefox-nightly PKGBUILD from AUR to pentium4. » 2019-05-31 21:23:27

It seems to be working for me.  I've downloaded that pkgbuild and modified it, and have been able to build a package.  Here's my diffs against the PKGBUILD:

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 97e5767..f31db4b 100644
@@ -8,9 +8,9 @@ pkgname=${_name}-${_channel}
 pkgdesc="Standalone Web Browser from Mozilla — Nightly build (${_lang})"
-arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
+arch=('i686' 'x86_64' 'pentium4')
 license=('MPL' 'GPL' 'LGPL')
 depends=('dbus-glib' 'gtk3' 'libxt' 'nss' 'mime-types')
 optdepends=('pulseaudio: audio support'
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ _url="${_name}/nightly/latest-moz
 _filename="$(date +%Y%m%d)-${_src}"
 source=("${pkgname}.desktop" 'policies.json')

@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ source_x86_64=("${_filename}-x86_64.tar.bz2"::"${_url}/${_src}-x86_64.tar.bz2"
-sha512sums_i686=('SKIP' 'SKIP' 'SKIP')
+sha512sums_pentium4=('SKIP' 'SKIP' 'SKIP')
 sha512sums_x86_64=('SKIP' 'SKIP' 'SKIP')
 validpgpkeys=('14F26682D0916CDD81E37B6D61B7B526D98F0353') # Mozilla’s GnuPG release key

I'm not sure that that pkgver update is.  Perhaps it's something makepkg does while it's running.

I did need to import a gpg key to validate the binary:

gpg --recv-keys BBBEBDBB24C6F355

And I did get an error while building the package:

==> Starting pkgver()...
head: cannot open '20190531-firefox-69.0a1.en-US.linux-pentium4.txt' for reading: No such file or directory

But I think that's just an informational message. 'pkgver()' is defined in the PKGBUILD too, and you'd just need to hardcode the ${CARCH} if you needed this message to proceed.

#8 Re: Creating/Maintaining Packages » Adapting firefox-nightly PKGBUILD from AUR to pentium4. » 2019-05-31 19:51:38

Why do you say i686 doesn't work?

This might be a good test case for adapting prebuilt binary pkgbuilds to pentium4.  You need at the very least to add 'pentum4' to the arch array, and rename (or copy and rename if you want something that also works on older i686 envs) src_i686 and sha512sums_i686 to end with pentium4.  Does it work for you if you do those three steps, or is there anything I've missed?

#9 Re: Installation » Installation of pentium4 optimized packages » 2019-05-30 15:47:33

I don't think build numbers (the bit after the hyphen) can be compared across architectures like that - those downgrade messages are just noise.  And I suspect the libbluray thing is a known bug where it's very tricky to build under sse2 architectures, which is stopping us getting a working mplayer currently.

#10 Re: Servers & Networking » Broadcom BCM4312 not working » 2019-05-30 15:41:58

If wifi menu detects the card and even connects to it, what's wrong with using the service file it generates with netctl?  Perhaps if you're a graphical user, the benefits of using a graphical network manager beat netctl, I dunno.  I guess the original defect which caused you to set the title of this thread has disappeared however.

#11 Re: Installation » Installation of pentium4 optimized packages » 2019-05-30 04:10:19

If you rename platforms, then everyone will find AUR packages won't build for them by default.  All it takes it the redefinition of a couple of variables in the PKGBUILD, and as I see it people need to understand PKGBUILDs if they're using AUR; you do review them before you install everything like you should, don't you? wink

#12 Re: Servers & Networking » Broadcom BCM4312 not working » 2019-05-29 21:58:12

Ah okay, that looks promising. I take it when you said 'it doesn't work' you mean you ran wifi-menu and it didn't detect any networks?

#13 Re: Announcements » new pacman will auto-install pentium4 packages » 2019-05-29 21:26:29

Ah yes, that makes more sense.  I have shotwell installed which depends on that both directly and via libgdata (and gnome-online-accounts), for reasons I've not yet discovered.  I connect my camera to my computer over usb, import photos, then edit them via gimp, so I have no idea which part of its usability needs a web client.

But shotwell is a bit on the heavy side for me.  I certainly wouldn't be using it on my old pentium3 machine which I couldn't even run a graphical server on (although that probably has something to do with the fact I was trying to use the on-board graphics rather than installing a card and having driver woes).  However, there are probably lighter things that would be more suitable for such old hardware that somehow depend on webkit2gtk.  If dillo went for example, it would take out claws-mail, and there's probably something else fairly lightweight which depends on webkit2gtk (neither of which are actually going from i486 yet, FWIW).  For the example of claws-mail, shipping an entirely empty web client package would probably work; so long as you don't install the dillo html viewer plugin it should all work just fine.

#14 Re: Servers & Networking » Broadcom BCM4312 not working » 2019-05-29 21:02:58

Things to check; does this show when you run lspci?  It's part of pcitools if you don't have it installed already.

#15 Re: Announcements » new pacman will auto-install pentium4 packages » 2019-05-29 20:34:21

I don't have any packages installed that depend on firefox.  What sort of thing are you thinking of that requires firefox to be installed but doesn't really use it.  If necessary, I think it better to define a basically empty firefox package in that case at this stage, fwiw, rather than installing duff binaries on people's systems.

#16 Re: Servers & Networking » Dhcpcd timed out. » 2019-05-29 20:29:27

Reading the dhcpcd manpage tells me you can give is a -t option to specify the timeout (default is 30s).  You can try setting it longer, or set it to 0 and it'll just hang waiting for an IP rather than timing out ever (but that would halt your boot if it ever tried to run dhcpcd on a duff network, so probably is only useful for testing).

I don't know how you'd configure this in a netctl.service file, but it could well help find out the root cause of the trouble.  Might also explain why it sometimes falls over after 5 minutes, if it's giving it a lease only that long and renegotiating fails due to timeout.

#17 Re: Servers & Networking » Dhcpcd timed out. » 2019-05-28 21:02:41

Then look at /etc/netctl/exampes/ethernet-static then.  I assume you're using netctl for your networking needs, although it's possible I'm mistaken.

Edit: I'm not sure why that example gives two addresses.  Maybe it's designed for when you've got on-board ethernet and a PCI ethernet card, although I'd kind of expect them to be presented as different interfaces.  I'd try using it with just one address.

#18 Re: Installation » Installation of pentium4 optimized packages » 2019-05-28 19:56:05

Ah right, could well be the same bug.

Maybe I should look into unpacking the old i686 libs from my archive.

Yep, just unpacked using bsdtar*,* and* from icu.63.1-2.1.i686.pkg.tar.xz (which was the last icu release from before I upgraded to pentium4).  Now libreoffice works again, although I'll have to remember to tidy all of that up when this gets built.

Mplayer just required the old, although this time the softlinks weren't included in the archive, so I had to make that manually (to  Presumably there's some metadata in the archive that makes that when pacman installs it.

Edit: But mplayer doesn't seem to work properly now.  It plays back mp3s just fine, but mp4 video files first played back with excessive desync, and the second and third time I tried, it stops after a fraction of a second and just hangs there.  Oh well, I guess I was too optimistic expecting my simple hack to get that to work well.

#19 Re: Servers & Networking » Dhcpcd timed out. » 2019-05-28 18:50:28

Look in /etc/netctl/examples/wireless-wpa-static. Technically then you should log on to your router and stop it allocating the same IP over DHCP to something else on your network, but in practice if you use another part of your private subnet or give it a high enough 8-bit final number you can get away with it.

#20 Re: Installation » Installation of pentium4 optimized packages » 2019-05-28 18:43:19

I did an update at the weekend, and got at the very least pacman and kernel updates which are always worth keeping on top of, but libreoffice is still broken for me with a libicu error (and mplayer is still looking for the wrong libcdio).

To be honest, libreoffice is probably the more important of the two, but the lack of that is largely covered by … &pagenum=2 . I don't know why we haven't had an mplayer rebuild yet, and to be honest I'm getting slightly fed up of vlc's foibles.

#21 Re: Kernel & Hardware » RC410M [Mobility Radeon Xpress 200M] » 2019-05-28 04:15:48

Certainly switching from arch to Debian 8 would feel like a backward step.  Sure, you want mesa and dependencies rolled back, but you didn't ask for all of your user space applications to be from the past too.

But it's largely academic anyway. Prenex didn't ask for a supported system, he just wanted to know which old releases worked best so that he can compare and contrast sources.

#22 Re: Servers & Networking » Dhcpcd timed out. » 2019-05-27 20:53:56

Are you able to configure a static ip for this machine?  I had to do that with the specific combination of wifi card and the old router I had once.

There may be some benefit of debugging this, but the number of variables involved led me to believe that provided it wasn't happening to too many other people, I should work around it.

#23 Re: Installation » [Solved] Cannot build pentium4 package of TeamViewer from AUR » 2019-05-27 04:43:36

Yes, I think it must actually be a makepkg error that's internationalised.  It basically means you haven't defined a src_pentium4 variable for it to use to download the prebuilt binary (or source package).  I can't find that variable actually used in the PKGBUILD or the single shell script in the project directory, so I guess makepkg searches for those variables.

That means that if PKGBUILDs do actually define different src_platforms (although the main use case I can think of for that is where you're actually downloading a binary), to get them to build on pentium4 architecures, as well as adding 'pentium4' to the arch variable, you also need to rename src_i686 as src_pentium4.

#24 Re: System Administration » How do you play HD videos on your low end hardware? » 2019-05-26 03:39:31

Yeah, mplayer generallys gets dsynced for me too if I try to play something too complex.  Even transcoded to native resolution, if the cuts are short then mplayer's video will generally fall behind, but you can see it trying to catch up while the frame deltas are smaller.

I'm currently using cvlc since mplayer is currently suffering libcdio problems.  That never seems to lose sync it just sometimes seems to ignore key frames so you're looking at a grey screen with deltas applied until you come across a key frame it does decide to render.

I've never messed with -vo options for mplayer, or use them to transcode from one video codec to another, All the codes I regularly recieve seem to play approximately as well on my hardware.  I'm using intel graphcs (GMA300 I think I read somewhere) though.

#25 Re: System Administration » How do you play HD videos on your low end hardware? » 2019-05-26 02:49:04

I transcode them on a 64bit machine to the exact resolution of my eeepc (which is 1024x600) using ffmpeg.  I have a script that inspect the video file using ffprobe, works out the aspect ratio and constructs a -scale argument which is either 1024:-2 or -2:600 depending on whether the source picture is wider or taller than my target ratio.  It also strips anything that's >30fps down to something that's less but I think ffmpeg just drops frames for that.

I download all of my youtube videos, so I often get them these days in 2k or 4k and more often at 60fps.  It all needs stripping back to be playable on my eeepc.

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