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#1 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] git repository certificate expired » 2018-12-19 16:29:33

Sorry about that, this should now be resolved.

#3 Re: Installation » archlinux32 package » 2018-05-29 10:35:26

pacman -Fy updates the files database. To search for a package containing a file, use

$ pacman -Fs
extra/ffmpeg 1:3.4.2-2
extra/ffmpeg2.8 2.8.14-1

To search for a package, just use -Ss:

$ pacman -Ss netcat                          
extra/gnu-netcat 0.7.1-6
    GNU rewrite of netcat, the network piping application
community/openbsd-netcat 1.178_3-1
    TCP/IP swiss army knife. OpenBSD variant.

#4 Re: Installation » archlinux32 package » 2018-05-29 03:04:02

The url is, which is where the 'packages' button in the nav menu goes.

#5 Re: Building » How to set up a build slave » 2018-05-24 13:37:32

I recently did a setup of the build slave on a new x86_64 container. Here's what I did:

  1. Add the archlinux32 x86_64/releng repo to pacman.conf:

    Server = https://${ANY_ARCHLINUX32_MIRROR}/$arch/$repo
  2. Update the repo-db/update packages (pacman -Syu)

  3. Install archlinux32-keyring-transition

  4. Install archlinux32-keyring (replaces archlinux32-keyring-transition)

  5. Install dependencies (base-devel wget moreutils devtools32)
    Note: devtools32 might not be up-to-date, use the git repo from directly and install manually

  6. Uncomment a mirror of your choice from /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist32

    • Optional: update pacman.conf to point to mirrorlist32 instead of mirror directly

  7. update pacman*.conf files in /usr/share/devtools when building on x86_64 (set Architecture manually to i486, i686, not to auto)

  8. Create a user 'builder'

  9. visudo and add the build commands to builder's user:

    Cmnd_Alias BUILD_CMDS = /usr/bin/staging-with-build-support-i686-build, /usr/bin/staging-i686-build, /usr/bin/multilib-build, /usr/bin/extra-x86_64-build
    (Note: there might be many more, pentium4)
  10. su to builder

  11. create .gnupg directory, and add to ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf:

    keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve
  12. git clone the builder repo:

    • Make any changes of defaults (builder/conf/default.conf) in builder/conf/slave.conf (do not copy default.conf to slave.conf - only add changed values, see slave.conf.example for configuration variables.

    • Remember to set the key ID ('package_key'='0xXXXXX')

  13. run builder/bin/build-packages to clone upstream's pkgbuild files and verify everything is working. First time you start it you get asked about generating a private/public key pair. Leave the password blank.

    • Note: This will generate an error after cloning about not having permission to access buildmaster. Just hit Ctrl+C to quit once you hit this error.

  14. send the contents of 'builder/work/.ssh/' to deep42thought

  15. Import your build key (private key!) to the builder's gpg keyring - strip passphrase if one exists

  16. the git repositories in work/repos/ are packages, community and packages32, they are in bare format, so you have to clone them once, remove the bare once and rename the checkout out workspaces back. Also change the remote origin to point to the Gitea/SVNGit repos and not to the bare file system (git://, git:// and

  17. Set PACKAGER in /etc/makepkg.conf on the host

  18. run builder/bin/build-packages (in a screen/tmux buffer) to start building!

    • I used the following unit file to run it as a systemd service:

      Description=Archlinux32 Build Slave

#6 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » pacman syncing problem » 2018-05-06 16:25:51

mirror.roelf is out-of-date currently, though the other mirrors should be working fine.

#7 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » [SOLVED] Can't update system due to outdated virtualbox-guest-module » 2018-04-27 10:45:03

Version 5.2.10 of virtualbox-guest-modules-arch is in [community-testing], so we'll have to get this moved over sooner.

#8 Re: Installation » Where can I find free photoshop online? » 2018-04-19 23:50:10

You can try installing gimp, it's in the repos.

#9 Re: Español » Simplemente ¡Gracias! » 2018-04-19 17:31:02

Gracias, y por eso que mantenemos a arch32 smile

#10 Re: Deutsch » International forums » 2018-04-15 05:00:33

We've set up a language-specific category. Hopefully this works for your/our users.

#11 Re: Creating/Maintaining Packages » Firefox 58 needs Rust 1.23 or build will fail » 2018-04-10 04:11:08

mishaPn wrote:

I have a question about a feature in Audacity, but it applies to any operating system, Windows, Mac or Linux.

Which specific forum should I use?

Ask on the audacity forums, unless the problem is specific to arch32.

#13 Re: Installation » XFCE is broken » 2018-03-29 10:20:37

You can download the iso and install from that:

That said, did you run

pacman -Syyuu

when you transitioned?

#14 Re: Installation » help with install? » 2018-03-24 18:49:48

Please do not double post.

We'll need some logs to determine what's going on. Can you post your Xorg.0.log, dmesg and syslog?

#15 Re: Testing » automatic testing via manual installation(s) » 2018-03-08 12:39:10

The hash would probably be nice, especially for AUR packages if they happen to have the same name.

#16 Re: Installation » Trying Arch 32 from USB stick » 2018-03-08 12:37:35

I have an unofficial iso with a gui if you wanted to play around with it: … al-gui.iso

#17 Re: Installation » Error with automake-1.15.1-1 » 2018-02-14 13:44:15

Can you paste the full error you are getting, as well as pacman.log and the mirrorlist?

#19 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » Cannot install packages » 2018-02-13 12:07:01

deep42thought wrote:

I'm terribly sorry about this: We had these packages (automake,docbook-*,...) with "i686" and "any" arch and I just cleaned up w/o having a look at the database, so there were still the "i686" packages in the database but only the "any" packages on the mirror. This is now fixed on the master mirror, the other mirrors should catch up soon.
The problem with the ssl certificate is known to us, but the mirror maintainer seems currently busy. You can just uncomment that mirror for now.

Are there db fixups needed in the archive?

#20 Re: Installation » Parabola OpenRC » 2018-02-08 00:45:26

Did you try the #parabola on freenode?

In terms of logs, what's your dmesg, syslog, and kern.log after the failure?

#21 Mirrors » Arch32 Archive Online » 2018-02-02 05:22:44

Replies: 0

Hi all, I recently set up the Arch32 Archive:
The 2017 folder contains a mirror of i686 from the official ALA.

I have it set to do the mirroring nightly at midnight UTC. Let me know if you run into any issues testing it.

#22 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » AUR packages » 2018-01-30 20:07:55

AUR packages may or may not work for i686 without modification, it's up to the maintainer. These packages aren't "official" and weren't subject to removal. You'll even find some arm packages there on the AUR.

If the package doesn't support i686, oftentimes all you need to do is add it to the arch array.

#24 Re: Installation » How to make a bootable CD/USB for Mac Powerbook 1,1 » 2018-01-11 20:18:36

Interesting. I don't gave any apple hardware to test with, but I can build a test iso without efi to begin with to see if that works better.

#25 Re: Installation » Thank you! » 2017-12-21 22:05:12

Texbrew wrote:

Apologies for my foot-dragging. I have smoothly migrated all my 32 bit arch installs including my VMs to this project. Now it's time to get them all upgraded/updated, but that will have to wait until after Christmas.

Many thanks to devs, admin, and mods for keeping 32 bit alive. I hope all of you are well.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too!

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