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#1 Re: Press Review » In print » 2019-08-18 07:24:44

But this "only" applies for the i686 branch, right? i486 should run on earlier (even pre-Pentium) cpus?

#4 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » firefox 67.0.4-1 » 2019-08-07 19:05:12

ok, I'll retry with that installed, too

#5 Re: Kernel & Hardware » keyboard layout not honored on boot » 2019-08-07 19:01:12

I just booted up an old pc running the i486 version of archlinux32 - and it shows the same issue (keyboard layout should become de-latin1)

#6 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » firefox 67.0.4-1 » 2019-08-07 13:26:00

great, now I have

error: couldn't load codegen backend "/build/rust/src/rustc-1.36.0-src/build/i686-unknown-linux-gnu/stage1/lib/rustlib/i686-unknown-linux-gnu/codegen-backends/": "/build/rust/src/rustc-1.36.0-src/build/i686-unknown-linux-gnu/stage1/lib/rustlib/i686-unknown-linux-gnu/codegen-backends/ symbol LLVMInitializeRISCVAsmParser version LLVM_8 not defined in file with link time reference"

so the symlink does not work

#7 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » [SOLVED] Can't install pamac-aur anymore » 2019-08-07 13:25:26

yes, you have to add pentium4 to the arch=() array, too - but also makepkg should have CARCH=pentium4 in it.

#8 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » [SOLVED] Can't install pamac-aur anymore » 2019-08-07 07:09:01

levi, you're right: pacstrap will use the currently installed pacman (e.g. on the iso). And iff that is new enough, it will install pentium4 packages, so you get the pentium4 pacman in your chroot which will have the correct CARCH in /etc/makepkg.conf - this is the reason, why we don't need a pentium4 iso.
As a side note: if i486 would have more packages, we would not need an i686 iso either and just could always install from the i486 one smile

#9 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » firefox 67.0.4-1 » 2019-08-07 06:13:53

jonathon: thanks for the manjaro package. My build now fails in stage 1 with

error: couldn't load codegen backend "/build/rust/src/rustc-1.36.0-src/build/i686-unknown-linux-gnu/stage1/lib/rustlib/i686-unknown-linux-gnu/codegen-backends/": " cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

Any idea where that file should come from? I'll try a symlink to for now - let's see if that "fixes" it ...

#10 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » firefox 67.0.4-1 » 2019-07-31 05:05:25

main blocker on i686 is rust - which we need to "bootstrap" from 1.33 to 1.36

#11 Re: System Administration » [SOLVED] home page for Archlinux32 is down » 2019-07-26 04:48:38 and is hosted on the same machine (in contrast to news,git,bbs,bugs).
I simplified some mysql queries of the web frontend - it should crash less now (we had some really long running jobs: >2h)

#12 Re: System Administration » [SOLVED] home page for Archlinux32 is down » 2019-07-24 05:03:12

the php is too slow (my slow queries) - especially the build slave stuff (build lists, etc.).
This should not bring down the complete site, but apparently it does (sometimes).

#13 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » [SOLVED] linker error (glibc bug) » 2019-07-22 12:54:33

looks like the freshly-built glibc 2.29-3.3 (currently in [staging]) is also bug free. @jghodd: Can you test whether this solves your initial problem, too (and mark this thread as [solved] if it does), please?


#14 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » [SOLVED] linker error (glibc bug) » 2019-07-22 10:16:13

I have built glibc-2.29-4-i686.pkg.tar.xz with your combinatino of packages now (all testing, except gcc,gcc-libs,binutils from staging and the old glibc) - no warnings when compiling test program.
I compiled glibc again with the newly built glibc and everything from staging - also no warnings.
As everything is now on the most recent version, I will manually insert thatglibc into our repositories and schedule a build of it again (so the build master picks up the correct dependencies and everything).

Thanks for tracking that one down!

#16 Re: Building » scheduling of builds in get-assignment » 2019-07-22 04:26:10

the funny thing about the toolchain is not that everything depends on it, but that certain packages are built twice before being released (though, I have to admit, I'm not 100% sure, why we need that)

regarding locks: we currently lock on file level for some of the scripts - e.g. when a sanity check runs, noone should write to the package database, otherwise the sanity check will return false positives. However, some of the locks we have seem to be overcautious - but otoh we had problems with the database in the past when we relied on proper locking of stuff by the database (e.g. when we allowed simultanously returning packages).

#17 Re: Building » scheduling of builds in get-assignment » 2019-07-19 18:05:43

it's a bash script that gets called each time a slave connects and wants some assignment.

#18 Building » scheduling of builds in get-assignment » 2019-07-19 07:54:44

Replies: 7

Currently, get-assignment which is responsible for distribution of build assignments to build slaves is somewhat slow. Additionally it is written in a way that makes it not able to run concurrently for different build slaves.

I'd like to brainstorm some ideas to improve performance on that part.

Which steps it currently performs:

  • trivial/fast tasks: return assignments which are already scheduled for that slave or which are manually forced onto that slave (not to be confused with "prefered by that slave")

  • create temporary list of buildable packages (e.g. ones where all dependencies are met and which fit the architecture of the build slave)

  • remove all "wrong" packages from that list (packages that are currently being built (by another build slave), all not-toolchain packages iff a toolchain package is on that list)

  • order that list by different criteria (e.g. toolchain-build-order, priority, architecture, commit time, previous errors/build trials, etc.)

  • hand out the first package of that (ordered) list

proposed improvement (ideas by abaumann):

  • make the temporary table permanent

  • hand out the k-th build assignment to the k-th slave

there are some problems I see arising with this:

  • How do we handle rebuilds of the toolchain? All other packages should be blocked if the toolchain is being rebuilt. Also we should always only build one toolchain package per architecture simultanously. Ordering will also be interesting ...

  • When do we update the permanent table? on return of packages? Then we need a lock or something ...

The pressure to optimize get-assignment is not that high, it currently takes around 30 seconds to complete - which is not that high, but optimizeable.
In contrast, it is very easy to break stuff there and I invested already much time into getting the scheduling logic right.

#19 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » [SOLVED] linker error (glibc bug) » 2019-07-19 05:08:56

this plan sounds good. I'm keen to hear any results smile

#20 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » Warnung: ca-certificates-mozilla: Lokale Version (3.44.1-1.0) ist neue » 2019-07-19 05:08:09

ah, this might be fallout from the switch to the new buildmaster - we accidentally pinned the commit of the git reporitories to june-22 ... these issues should be transient.

#21 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » Warnung: ca-certificates-mozilla: Lokale Version (3.44.1-1.0) ist neue » 2019-07-18 18:30:18

you did not - by any chance - switch from i686 to pentium4 or disable testing repositories?
If not, it is unclear to me, how this happened.
However, the solution is to downgrade with

pacman -Syuu


#22 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » [SOLVED] linker error (glibc bug) » 2019-07-18 18:22:45

two comments:
first, if upstream changes something, they usually change the pkgrel - thus $pkgname-$pkgver-$pkgrel.$sub_pkgrel and $pkgname-$pkgver-$pkgrel.$((sub_pkgrel+1)) should use the same upstream source. And since all the package sources are verified by checksum, those should not change either.
second, all the dates I can provide are the ones in the built packages a.k.a. "build date" - which are Wed Apr 24 11:48:08 UTC 2019 and Fri Jun  7 08:58:52 UTC 2019 for glibc-2.29-1.26 and 2.29-1.27 respectively.
Unfortunately, the packages are removed from the mysql database (which would hold the direct link between package and source commit) once they are removed from the repositories (due to a new version arriving).

My imagination is, that it's not actually related to some change in glibc or its PKGBUILD but rather to some change in the programs used to build it. Maybe we could track it by trying to build the current glibc with the same packages which were used to build 1.26 vs. the ones from 1.27? If the issue pops up there, we could bisect and find the guilty program.

#24 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » [SOLVED] linker error (glibc bug) » 2019-07-18 06:01:58

regarding commit dates: There is only a slight chance, that a build of version $x happens _after_ version $y>$x has been committed to git: Only when it was recorded in git, but the build-master did not update the mysql database yet (which happens every hour, but might be postponed due to missing locks).

#25 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » [SOLVED] linker error (glibc bug) » 2019-07-16 20:45:42

I can confirm that simply downgrading glibc to the 2.29-1.26 version on i686 gets rid of the warning, whereas 2.29-1.27 exhibits the warning.

There were several changes of installed packages during the build - here is a diff of the .BUILDINFO:

@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-builddate = 1556106488
+builddate = 1559897932
 builddir = /build
 buildenv = !ccache
 buildenv = !distcc
@@ -9,155 +9,155 @@
 installed = acl-2.2.53-1.3-i686
 installed = archlinux-keyring-20190123-2.0-any
 installed = archlinux32-keyring-20190108-1.0-any
-installed = argon2-20171227-3.3-i686
-installed = attr-2.4.48-1.3-i686
-installed = audit-2.8.4-3.3-i686
+installed = argon2-20171227-3.4-i686
+installed = attr-2.4.48-1.4-i686
+installed = audit-2.8.5-2.0-i686
 installed = autoconf-2.69-5.1-any
 installed = automake-1.16.1-1.1-any
-installed = bash-5.0.003-1.1-i686
-installed = binutils-2.31.1-4.0-i686
+installed = bash-5.0.007-1.0-i686
+installed = binutils-2.32-1.10-i686
 installed = bison-3.3.2-1.0-i686
-installed = bzip2-1.0.6-8.6-i686
+installed = bzip2-1.0.6-8.7-i686
 installed = ca-certificates-20181109-1.0-any
-installed = ca-certificates-mozilla-3.43-1.0-i686
+installed = ca-certificates-mozilla-3.44-1.0-i686
 installed = ca-certificates-utils-20181109-1.0-any
-installed = coreutils-8.31-1.0-i686
-installed = cracklib-2.9.6-3.0-i686
+installed = coreutils-8.31-1.2-i686
+installed = cracklib-2.9.7-1.0-i686
 installed = cryptsetup-2.1.0-1.0-i686
-installed = curl-7.64.1-2.0-i686
+installed = curl-7.65.0-2.0-i686
 installed = db-5.3.28-4.4-i686
-installed = dbus-1.12.12-1.0-i686
-installed = device-mapper-2.02.184-4.0-i686
+installed = dbus-1.12.14-1.0-i686
+installed = device-mapper-2.02.184-4.2-i686
 installed = diffutils-3.7-1.0-i686
-installed = e2fsprogs-1.45.0-1.0-i686
-installed = expat-2.2.6-1.2-i686
+installed = e2fsprogs-1.45.2-1.0-i686
+installed = expat-2.2.6-1.3-i686
 installed = fakeroot-1.23-1.5-i686
-installed = file-5.36-1.0-i686
-installed = filesystem-2018.12-2.2-i686
-installed = findutils-4.6.0-4.0-i686
+installed = file-5.37-2.0-i686
+installed = filesystem-2019.05-2.0-i686
+installed = findutils-4.6.0-4.1-i686
 installed = flex-2.6.4-2.0-i686
 installed = fontconfig-2:2.13.1+12+g5f5ec56-1.0-i686
-installed = freetype2-2.10.0-1.0-i686
+installed = freetype2-2.10.0-2.0-i686
 installed = gawk-4.2.1-2.3-i686
 installed = gc-7.6.8-1.1-i686
-installed = gcc-8.2.1+20181127-1.2-i686
-installed = gcc-libs-8.2.1+20181127-1.2-i686
-installed = gd-2.2.5-1.1-i686
+installed = gcc-8.3.0-1.0-i686
+installed = gcc-libs-8.3.0-1.0-i686
+installed = gd-2.2.5-2.0-i686
 installed = gdbm-1.18.1-2.3-i686
 installed = gettext-
 installed = giflib-5.1.9-3.0-i686
-installed = git-2.21.0-1.0-i686
-installed = glib2-2.60.0-1.0-i686
-installed = glibc-2.29-1.25-i686
+installed = git-2.21.0-1.1-i686
+installed = glib2-2.60.3-1.0-i686
+installed = glibc-2.29-1.26-i686
 installed = gmp-6.1.2-2.0-i686
-installed = gnupg-2.2.15-1.0-i686
-installed = gnutls-3.6.7-1.0-i686
+installed = gnupg-2.2.16-1.0-i686
+installed = gnutls-3.6.8-1.0-i686
 installed = gpgme-1.13.0-1.0-i686
-installed = graphite-1:1.3.13-1.0-i686
+installed = graphite-1:1.3.13-1.1-i686
 installed = grep-3.3-1.0-i686
-installed = groff-1.22.3-8.1-i686
+installed = groff-1.22.4-1.1-i686
 installed = guile-2.2.4-2.1-i686
 installed = gzip-1.10-1.0-i686
-installed = harfbuzz-2.4.0-2.0-i686
-installed = hwids-20180917-1.0-any
-installed = iana-etc-20190329-1.0-any
-installed = icu-64.1-1.0-i686
-installed = iptables-1:1.8.2-1.0-i686
-installed = json-c-0.13.1-2.4-i686
-installed = kbd-2.0.4-2.0-i686
+installed = harfbuzz-2.5.1-1.0-i686
+installed = hwids-20190316-1.0-any
+installed = iana-etc-20190531-1.0-any
+installed = icu-64.2-1.0-i686
+installed = iptables-1:1.8.2-1.2-i686
+installed = json-c-0.13.1-2.5-i686
+installed = kbd-2.0.4-2.2-i686
 installed = keyutils-1.6-1.0-i686
 installed = kmod-26-2.0-i686
-installed = krb5-1.16.1-1.3-i686
-installed = less-530-1.5-i686
+installed = krb5-1.16.2-1.0-i686
+installed = less-530-1.6-i686
 installed = libarchive-3.3.3-1.3-i686
 installed = libassuan-2.5.3-1.1-i686
 installed = libatomic_ops-7.6.10-1.0-i686
-installed = libcap-2.26-1.0-i686
-installed = libcap-ng-0.7.9-1.3-i686
+installed = libcap-2.27-1.0-i686
+installed = libcap-ng-0.7.9-1.4-i686
 installed = libcroco-0.6.13-1.0-i686
 installed = libelf-0.176-1.0-i686
 installed = libffi-3.2.1-3.0-i686
 installed = libgcrypt-1.8.4-1.1-i686
 installed = libgpg-error-1.36-1.0-i686
 installed = libice-1.0.9-2.1-i686
-installed = libidn2-2.1.1-2.3-i686
-installed = libjpeg-turbo-2.0.2-1.0-i686
-installed = libksba-1.3.5-1.2-i686
+installed = libidn2-2.1.1-2.5-i686
+installed = libjpeg-turbo-2.0.2-1.1-i686
+installed = libksba-1.3.5-1.3-i686
 installed = libldap-2.4.47-1.0-i686
 installed = libmnl-1.0.4-2.0-i686
 installed = libmpc-1.1.0-1.2-i686
 installed = libnetfilter_conntrack-1.0.7-1.3-i686
-installed = libnfnetlink-1.0.1-3.1-i686
+installed = libnfnetlink-1.0.1-3.2-i686
 installed = libnftnl-1.1.1-1.3-i686
 installed = libnghttp2-1.36.0-1.0-i686
-installed = libnl-3.4.0-1.3-i686
-installed = libnsl-1.2.0-1.3-i686
-installed = libpcap-1.9.0-1.3-i686
-installed = libpng-1.6.36-1.0-i686
+installed = libnl-3.4.0-1.4-i686
+installed = libnsl-1.2.0-1.5-i686
+installed = libpcap-1.9.0-1.4-i686
+installed = libpng-1.6.37-1.0-i686
 installed = libpsl-0.20.2-5.1-i686
 installed = libsasl-2.1.27-1.2-i686
-installed = libseccomp-2.4.0-1.1-i686
-installed = libsecret-0.18.8-2.0-i686
+installed = libseccomp-2.4.1-2.0-i686
+installed = libsecret-0.18.8-2.1-i686
 installed = libsm-1.2.3-1.0-i686
-installed = libssh2-1.8.1-1.0-i686
-installed = libtasn1-4.13-1.3-i686
+installed = libssh2-1.8.2-1.0-i686
+installed = libtasn1-4.13-1.4-i686
 installed = libtiff-4.0.10-1.0-i686
 installed = libtirpc-1.1.4-1.0-i686
-installed = libtool-2.4.6+42+gb88cebd5-2.1-i686
-installed = libunistring-0.9.10-1.10-i686
-installed = libusb-1.0.22-1.5-i686
-installed = libutil-linux-2.33.2-1.0-i686
+installed = libtool-2.4.6+42+gb88cebd5-3.0-i686
+installed = libunistring-0.9.10-1.11-i686
+installed = libusb-1.0.22-1.6-i686
+installed = libutil-linux-2.33.2-1.2-i686
 installed = libwebp-1.0.2-1.0-i686
 installed = libx11-1.6.7-1.0-i686
 installed = libxau-1.0.9-1.0-i686
 installed = libxcb-1.13.1-1.0-i686
 installed = libxdmcp-1.1.3-1.0-i686
 installed = libxext-1.3.4-1.0-i686
-installed = libxml2-2.9.9-2.0-i686
+installed = libxml2-2.9.9-2.3-i686
 installed = libxpm-3.5.12-2.0-i686
 installed = libxt-1.1.5-2.2-i686
 installed = linux-api-headers-5.0.7-1.0-any
-installed = lz4-1:1.8.3-1.1-i686
+installed = lz4-1:1.9.1-1.0-i686
 installed = m4-1.4.18-2.0-i686
 installed = make-4.2.1-3.0-i686
 installed = mpfr-4.0.2-1.0-i686
 installed = ncurses-6.1-6.0-i686
 installed = nettle-3.4.1-1.0-i686
 installed = npth-1.6-1.3-i686
-installed = openssl-1.1.1.b-1.0-i686
-installed = p11-kit-0.23.15-1.0-i686
-installed = pacman-5.1.3-1.1-i686
+installed = openssl-1.1.1.c-1.0-i686
+installed = p11-kit-
+installed = pacman-5.1.3-1.6-i686
 installed = pacman-mirrorlist-20190214-1.1-any
-installed = pam-1.3.1-1.3-i686
+installed = pam-1.3.1-1.6-i686
 installed = pambase-20190105.1-1.0-any
 installed = patch-2.7.6-7.0-i686
 installed = pcre-8.43-1.0-i686
-installed = pcre2-10.32-2.1-i686
-installed = perl-5.28.1-1.0-i686
+installed = pcre2-10.33-1.0-i686
+installed = perl-5.28.2-1.0-i686
 installed = perl-error-0.17027-1.0-any
-installed = perl-mailtools-2.20-2.1-any
+installed = perl-mailtools-2.21-1.0-any
 installed = perl-timedate-2.30-5.2-any
-installed = pinentry-1.1.0-4.15-i686
+installed = pinentry-1.1.0-4.18-i686
 installed = pkgconf-1.6.1-1.0-i686
 installed = popt-1.16-10.0-i686
-installed = python-3.7.3-1.0-i686
+installed = python-3.7.3-1.1-i686
 installed = readline-8.0.0-1.1-i686
-installed = sed-4.7-1.0-i686
-installed = shadow-4.6-2.1-i686
-installed = sqlite-3.27.2-1.0-i686
-installed = sudo-1.8.27-1.0-i686
-installed = systemd-241.93-1.0-i686
-installed = systemd-libs-241.93-1.0-i686
-installed = tar-1.32-1.0-i686
+installed = sed-4.7-1.2-i686
+installed = shadow-4.6-3.0-i686
+installed = sqlite-3.28.0-1.0-i686
+installed = sudo-1.8.27-1.3-i686
+installed = systemd-242.29-1.0-i686
+installed = systemd-libs-242.29-1.0-i686
+installed = tar-1.32-1.2-i686
 installed = texinfo-6.6-1.0-i686
 installed = tzdata-2019a-1.0-i686
-installed = util-linux-2.33.2-1.0-i686
+installed = util-linux-2.33.2-1.2-i686
 installed = which-2.21-3.0-i686
 installed = xcb-proto-1.13-2.1-any
 installed = xorgproto-2018.4-1.0-any
 installed = xz-5.2.4-1.3-i686
-installed = zlib-1:1.2.11-3.2-i686
-installed = zstd-1.3.8-1.0-i686
+installed = zlib-1:1.2.11-3.3-i686
+installed = zstd-1.4.0-1.0-i686
 options = !debug
 options = !libtool
 options = !staticlibs
@@ -166,9 +166,9 @@
 options = purge
 options = strip
 options = zipman
-packager = Erich Eckner <arch32 at eckner dot net>
+packager = Andreas Baumann <>
 pkgarch = i686
 pkgbase = glibc
-pkgbuild_sha256sum = b574772e7be67dd619ef1cc26ffbd3b3cf0cddd50816ae7ea56396e0f2b8d812
+pkgbuild_sha256sum = 00f0fac208124a6056c089e5780164b68a5c89cebc7374ef8c050b9483031c09
 pkgname = glibc
-pkgver = 2.29-1.26
+pkgver = 2.29-1.27

I see gcc and binutils. Might this explain something?

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