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#1 Re: Installation » Webbrowser min will not start » 2018-12-09 07:26:12

electron fails from version to version in really stupid ways because they try to build half of an operating system
instead of using system libaries. Currently in :

FAILED: brotli
python "../../build/toolchain/" --output="./brotli" -- clang++ -fPIC -Wl,-z,noexecstack -Wl,-z,now -Wl,-z,relro -Wl,-z,defs -Wl,--no-as-needed -lpthread -Wl,--as-needed -fuse-ld=gold -B../../third_party/binutils/Linux_x64/Release/bin -m32 -Wl,-O2 -Wl,--gc-sections -nostdlib++ -Wl,-rpath-link=. -Wl,--disable-new-dtags -Wl,-O1,--sort-common,--as-needed,-z,relro,-z,now -o "./brotli" -Wl,--start-group @"./brotli.rsp"  -Wl,--end-group   -ldl -lpthread -lrt
clang-7: error: unable to execute command: posix_spawn failed: No such file or directory
clang-7: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

The reasons, why it's not fixed yet, are:
a) more important things failing currently
b) I'm personally not aware of any software I'm using which uses electron, so...
c) limited amount of hands..

#2 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » Luajittex broken » 2018-12-01 08:54:07

In theory --march, --mpcu (gcc), same for rust architecture flags should target a certain CPU. The problem is, there
can be bugs in the code generation routines of the compiler, as nobody targets such old machines anymore. And
also Intel has usually the best support and some things may fail on AMD/Cyrix etc. (for instance the "CET to
multibyte NOP problem", it runs on an old Pentium-S, but not on an AMD-K6).

#3 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » Filezilla stopped working with Illegal instruction (core dumped) » 2018-12-01 08:46:05

I tried on Qemu with an i486 CPU, flags: fpu vme pse cpuid tsc_known_freq x2apic hypervisor cpuid_fault
Mmh, I have a slightly different behaviour: --version and --help work.
Normal startup results in SIGILL:

Dec 01 09:43:34 arch32-stable kernel: traps: filezilla[443] trap invalid opcode ip:b136f5bd sp:bfa0de90 error:0 in[b115d000+32a000]

So, I suspect some rust optimization in librsvg (compilation flags) which produces some instructions, which fail on your CPU.
The lowest CPU rust is generating code for is currently i586 (Pentium). This might involve some instructions which are not
available on old AMDs.
On the long term there is nothing we can do about it, but bootstrapping rust on i486..

I emulated on Pentium, Penium II and Pentium III and all of them result in a running filezilla.

Your flags indicate you have some sort of early AMD:

Flags:                 fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca
cmov pat pse36 mmx fxsr sse syscall mmxext 3dnowext 3dnow cpuid 3dnowprefetch vm

I started to notice, that security fixes and optimizations start to be quite Intel-specific breaking on AMD.
On a side note: my AMD-K6 stopped working with SIGILL in glibc, so optimizations start to creep in there too. I had to
blacklist glibc. This can not be your problem, otherwise you couldn't even boot the machine.

#6 Re: Installation » x86_64 Extra firefox 61.0.1-1 Standalone web browser from » 2018-11-26 08:52:08

It's not a rust problem. It's linking libxul with either LD gold or with BFS LD with the wrong settings, which is the problem.

#7 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » Can't update system due x265 and ffmpeg (SOLVED) » 2018-11-26 08:51:18

There was an ffmpeg can not be installed because x265 is needed in version 160. So I'm afraid, ffmpeg can only
be updated by keeping the new and the old version of x265 around.

#10 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » Can't update system due x265 and ffmpeg (SOLVED) » 2018-11-25 16:10:53

yeah, sorry. There was a cycle between ffmpeg, x265 and older version of the same libraries. So they refused to build
against the right versions or be pushed into stable.

#11 Re: Installation » x86_64 Extra firefox 61.0.1-1 Standalone web browser from » 2018-11-25 09:00:31

firefox 63.0.3-1.0
thunderbird 60.3.1-2.0
seamonkey 2.49.4-3.1

are rebuilt and available via the normal 'pacman -Syyu' again.

#12 Re: Installation » Which --- aur packages --- works with archlinux32? » 2018-11-25 08:46:14

Just build it with arch=('i686'), if it works, provide some feedback to the maintainer of the AUR package, that
he/she should add i68 to the architecture. If not, try to fix it and provide feedback. If the package doesn't work on i686,
also provide feedback, so that others don't try to build it, when it's known not to work.

#13 Re: Installation » x86_64 Extra firefox 61.0.1-1 Standalone web browser from » 2018-11-22 20:55:07

You can also go and use the existing firefox with old icu62.

Add at the end of your `/etc/pacman.conf`:

Server =$arch

and then:

pacman -Syy icu62

or I should update the firefox-bin and thunderbird-bin packages on the AUR maybe to the newest versions,
but I don't so much like to distribute binary blobs instead of building firefox/thunderbird?

#14 Re: Installation » where can i get the rootfs of archlinux32 ? » 2018-11-22 20:37:29

I tried from a 64-bit host running Archlinux64 and LXR to build a i686 docker image.

@bh1rio: I changed your script a little bit on
Mainly I don't get why the script fails after pkill haveged (I get the feeling that getting the PID of
the process and the doing a 'pid $PID' is safer).

I also had to fix some things around new pacman (arch-chroot requires a mount point).

Maye we should try a merge?

starting it with

docker run -ti archlinux32 bash

seems to work.

#15 Re: Installation » snapd and archlinux32 » 2018-11-19 16:14:54 is in the AUR. Just add i686 to the arch field and rebuild it.

#16 Re: Pacman / Pacman Upgrades » archlinux32 - Falkon will not work - lxqt » 2018-11-11 08:42:03

So, there is a mix of Qt libraries in stable:

Fatal: Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50b01) with this library (version 0x50b02)
Received signal 6

qt5-base 5.11.2-3.0
qt5-declarative 5.11.2-1.0
qt5-location 5.11.2-2.1
qt5-sensors 5.11.2-1.0
qt5-svg 5.11.2-1.0
qt5-webchannel 5.11.2-1.0
qt5-webengine 5.11.1-3.0
qt5-webkit 5.212.0alpha2-21.0
qt5-x11extras 5.11.2-1.0
qt5-xmlpatterns 5.11.2-1.0

deep42thought is currently reapplying the needed patchwork to qt5-webkit, qt5-webengine.

#17 Re: Installation » PXE boot » 2018-11-07 09:29:27

I can just provide an OpenBSD flavour for that:


allow booting;
allow bootp;

    host ahostname {
      hardware ethernet 22:22:22:22:22:22:22;
      filename "pxelinux.0";

Where is the host serving TFTP.

...and why do I have to explain 'mount archlinux-2018.08.01-i686.iso /mnt'? :-)

#18 Re: Installation » PXE boot » 2018-11-06 14:54:57

So, what exactly should I document? How to mount the ISO and extract vmlinuz and archiso.img?
How to set up a TFTP, DHCP, Webserver?

#19 Re: Installation » PXE boot » 2018-11-05 06:54:37

If you want a ramdisk for inird you can alse copy /etc/mkinitcpio.conf to my.conf, then use
'mkinitcpio -c my.conf -g initramfs-for-pxe.img' (on a machine with the same architecture of course).
But a kernel and a ramdisk doesn't give you a root file system yet. There you can use NBD, NFS,
but again, this setup is tricky. … -nfs-utils

I would go with the installation CD image and install from there.

#20 Re: Installation » PXE boot » 2018-11-05 06:49:39

I did some setups with PXE/TFTP/NBD, see

NBD is a little bit complex as you need a ramdisk with the proper hooks.

I did some PXE installations lately on very old machines (and machines without a CDROM drive or not being able to USB boot).

If you can boot on a floppy, you can boot from the USB stick normally from this bootloader.

I installed a tftp-hpa and put the usual TFTP-layout into /srv/tftp:



and pxelinux.cfg/default with:

label linux
com32 cmd.c32
initrd archiso.img
linux vmlinuz-linux
append debug rw nomodeset ip=:::::eth0:dhcp archisobasedir=arch archiso_http_srv=http://server/archlinux-2018.08.01-i686.iso

The files can be taken from the ISO and put into /srv/tftpd:

boot/i686/vmlinuz and

The ISO can live on an HTTP server.

As long as you have 512 MB RAM, this procedure is fine. Otherwise you have to resort to some tricks like: (copytoram)

or even create your own ISO image without loading to memory or extracting the installation files to an
NBD-block-device (the lowest configuration I was able to boot and install was a Pentium-S with 64 MB RAM).

#21 Re: Press Review » Youtube Videos » 2018-11-05 06:38:41

Those are NOT my videos! :-)
The two videos are from Frederic Bezies.

#22 Press Review » Youtube Videos » 2018-11-04 09:22:00

Replies: 3
(sadly in French, but explains the transition to Archlinux32 repos)

and about the future of 32-bit:

Installation of Archlinux32 and some bugfixing
"Modern Arch Linux on a Pentium 3 Featuring the modern web... kinda":

#25 Re: Deutsch » Video Treiber für Asus EeePc » 2018-10-30 18:16:59


Sorry fuer die spaete Antwort.

So was ich google, sieht es eher duester aus mit Linux-Support fuer gma500.

Was sagt denn 'lshw -C video'?

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