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#1 Kernel & Hardware » linux-zen » 2017-12-10 19:43:06

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The latest updates broke the linux-zen kernel on my laptop.  The main kernel still works fine.

#2 Re: Installation » Thank you! » 2017-11-13 15:07:51

I'm also writing to say thank you!  I converted 3 different 32 bit Antergos installs over and it went flawlessly.  These were IBM T60's with 32 bit core duo and a Gateway M685-E with 32 bit core duo.  I also cloned the Antergos install and put it on a Gateway M685-E with core 2 duo that I picked up for $50 on ebay and was going to do the conversion to 64 bit but it is working so well that since these old laptops max out a 3 GB, I'm just going to leave it like it is.  When I clone the partitions, I find that a very easy way to get the new one up is to leave a little room on the drive for a 32 bit Mint install and when the Mint installs grub2, it also finds Arch.  Then I just go into Arch and add grub customizer, make sure fstab is pointing to the right swap UUID, have grub customizer install to MTB and then save the configuration.  Then it's all set to go with Mint as an emergency backup.


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