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#1 2019-02-18 19:02:13

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pandoc is broken in community-testing (haskell-quickcheck too new)

In the testing repos, haskell-quickcheck is at version 2.12.6, but pandoc is at version 2.5.

Pandoc doesn't actually have a dependency on haskell-quickcheck, but it tries to load a .so from it when it launches.  With the current testing configuration, this fails, because it's looking for an older version.

I had a copy of haskell-quickcheck version 2.11.3 in my package archive, so I downgraded to that and it fixed it.  I note there's a positively new version of pandoc currently in staging, and I don't know if that would properly use haskell-quickcheck 2.12.6 or not, but presently at least, the packages supplied in testing don't work.

Architecture: pentium4, Testing repos: Yes, Hardware: EeePC 901+2GB RAM+OS half on the SD card.


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