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#1 2024-02-19 20:19:12

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Any benefit to rebuilding the kernel with -O3 and LTO?

Cachyos does it, along with adding a few schedulers: what would need to be done here to demonstrate performance improvements/impacts to see if worth the time?


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Re: Any benefit to rebuilding the kernel with -O3 and LTO?

I don't think O2 uand O3 is such a big difference. LTO likely results in out of memory situations when building in 32-bit VMs.
Currenltly the linux package is not rebuilding anyway because of Python most liklely.

I see most benefit results from targeting the right architecure in the Linux kernel configuration.

Aha, CachyOS raised the minimal ISA to x86-64-v3, that's something which has been discussed in upstream Arch for some time.
I doubt, this gives more than 10%.

For 32-bit I'm actually really happy if something boots and doesn't constantly break, to be frank. :-)


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