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486 Support - Broken in latest build (archlinux32-2022.12.01-i486)?

I tried running this build on my 486DX/25 (I know it's slow), and it hard resets after the "Probing EDD" message from the kernel.
After applying the message's suggestion (adding the `edd=off` parameter to the boot prompt, so the resulted line being `boot: arch32 edd=off`), now the kernel outputs no messages before resetting.

I've heard a suggestion on irc to add `intel_pstate=no`, but that didn't work either.
Some people (notably "bill-auger" on IRC) have also found it odd that I don't get a graphical boot, but only the ISOLINUX banner and the `boot: ` prompt.

Any suggestions?

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Re: 486 Support - Broken in latest build (archlinux32-2022.12.01-i486)?

Aeh. The 486 ISO has nothing to do with the official ISO. It's built with syslinux (that's the boot: prompt you see).

The 486 ISOs sources are here:

The 686 ISOs sources are here:

The reason for this is that the standard ISO has zero chances to ever boot on a real 486 due to the fact it uses
things like ramdisks and far too much memory for everything. The 486 version runs directly on the ISOS
filesystem (which is quite slow, but uses no extra memory).

About graphical boot: as most old cards either have broken DRM/DRI and/or broken Xorg-support, the sanest
thing to do is to boot in text mode with the i486 ISO.

Another issue is: most of 486 is currently broken and the 486 ISO is still experimental, and at the current speed
things are being broken I'm not sure whether it makes sense to keep it up.

For debugging 'loglevel=7' or so should actually enable the kernels log messages.


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