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editing the fstab file

I have two hdds in my laptop and I wanted to mount them at start up. my lsblk and blkid is as the following :

sdb                 8:16   0 931.5G  0 disk
└─sdb1              8:17   0 931.5G  0 part /mnt/sandy
sdc                 8:32   1   7.6G  0 disk /run/media/sandy/14B680073410B4CB

[sandy@boosandy ~]$ blkid /dev/sdb1
/dev/sdb1: UUID="62A9891E63272C7E" TYPE="ntfs" PTTYPE="dos" PARTLABEL="Caddy" PARTUUID="769fc1c7-dc15-4eca-b4b6-ca0be720d9eb"

I edited the fstab file like this.

/dev/sdb1               /mnt/sandy                ntfs    defaults        0 2

now my question is in place of /dev/sdb1 should I have used the UUID? If  so then which one because in the blkid output there are two UUIDs as UUID and PARTUUID? Which one should I use?


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Re: editing the fstab file

The UUID= should be the right one.


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