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build system

Because this question has been risen a few times, I'd like to present, how our build system works:

  • Ellipses are git repositories

  • diamonds are actions

  • hexagons are workers (cron jobs or external machines)

  • rectangles are package repositories, but only the ones in square brackets contain real packages - the others are only entries in our database

The whole thing is automated - in contrast to archlinux which has much more man power.
There is some logic behind "move package" which prevents moving a package if it breaks a dependency.
Likewise, the deletion of a package will be delayed until it does not break any dependency.

Our current problem (python, perl, glibc, qt5) is, that not all dependencies are correctly represented in the database.
We might face similar issues in the future, because archlinux does not support partial upgrades and thus does not need to specify versions in the dependencies at all.

The purpose of this thread is to discuss proposals for improvement and/or questions about the build system.



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