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#1 2022-02-01 21:44:16

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ISO 2022.02.01 available

A new ISO is available: archlinux32-2022.02.01-i686.iso.

It has been updated to support text-to-speech, copy-to-ram, archinstall, new keyring, smaller size, etc.

Archinstall has some issues currently:
- zram-support is not available, just choose *No* when asked (otherwise installation of packages with pacstrap will fail)
- installation of additional packages breaks, just say "Enter" if asked and install the packages afterwards with pacman in the chrooted post installation environment
- choose a desktop which might a) work on your hardware b) which is not currently broken (Mate for instance is known to work)

You can of course always use the more "traditional" installation procedure, if you prefer..


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