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#26 2022-06-28 09:01:45

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Re: [SOLVED] Firefox no longer works, will instantly crash

Not only that, I even got the feeling it got faster with 0.99 onwards..
Currently we run out of memory when linking also with the non-gold (old) linker:

336:45.41 /usr/bin/ld.bfd: error: is too large (0x54d74abc bytes)

This makes me extremely (optimistically) happy. ;-)


#27 2022-06-28 23:46:29

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Re: [SOLVED] Firefox no longer works, will instantly crash

I'm not sure it's actually noticeably faster than the previous which from my recollection was version 72, perhaps firefox got slower in the 80s or 90s though. What I do personally notice as I use a lot of tabs to keep track of stuff.  Particularly as I have three tabs pinned to the left of the tab space (this forum, another I read regularly and a radio music programme I often refer to the find out what they've played), on old v72 if I didn't click on the tab to force it to load early enough it would get into a state where it would just show a blank page with nothing in the address bar (but thankfully the duplicate tab menu item recovered it into a new tab, which I then had to pin and unpin the blank page and finally close that, a bit of a faff in all.  Now, firefox 100 still seems to only load a couple of tabs by default first thing, but it queues up the rest and after a little while they're all loaded.

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Re: [SOLVED] Firefox no longer works, will instantly crash

Ahh ok I see and yes defiantly


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