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PAM issues

If you use pam 1.3 and pambase 20200721 you might not be able to login due to
a missing module. Make sure you are using pam 1.4 when using
pambase 20200721.

If you upgrade to pam 1.4 you might experience all kind of weird login problems.

You might also get `pam_systemd(login:session): Failed to create session: Input/output error`
in your log and just hanging text console logins.

You can also get sporadic ssh logins with an sshd going 100% CPU and never letting
you log in.

Any manual configuration changes in the pam modules have to be checked
carefully before upgrading, some modules have gone (like pam_tally2, cracklib).

Also make sure to merge your .pacnew/.pacsave files.

In case you experience similar problems you can also downgrade to:
- pambase-20190105.1-2.0 and
- pam-1.3.1-2.0 (for pentium4) resp.
  pam-1.3.1-2.0 (for i686) resp.
  pam-1.3.1-2.0 (for i486).


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