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#1 2017-12-20 18:14:41

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linux lts makepkg > fstack-protector-strong not supported

I try to build a new Kernel the arch way, but it does not work:

Can I disable fstack-protector-strong?

Maybe this is important: When I check out linux-lts, I got the directory: /home/michi/build/linux-lts/repos/core-x86_64

So it is a 64 Bit Kernel Source. How can I get the i686 kernel source with "asp checkout"?

Hopefully somebody can point me to the solution.


#2 2017-12-20 20:31:17

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Re: linux lts makepkg > fstack-protector-strong not supported

You also have to get the 32-bit specific diffs from … /linux-lts

The PKGBUILD there is appended to the x86_64/PKGBUILD or trunk/PKGBUILD from the gitsvn of Archlinux.

The config.i686 just has to be in the same directory as the combined PKGBUILD.


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