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Login incorrect

Hi everyone,

I have an old Raspberry Pi 3 running Arch ARM. It's still running but I can't log in. The Pi was in an old box and I wanted to reboot the service and plug in the power. Everything works as expected, but I can't log in either via SSH or directly. It looks like the SSH daemon is not running. I still have the key, but it is not running on port 22 or any other port. I have already checked with nmap. When I try to log in using the login screen, I immediately get a login incorrect after just entering the username. Entering the password is not possible.

- I already checked if the user is blocked -> nope
- I've checked my system logs (journalctl) and couldn't find any errors.
- I've checked if the user is blocked - couldn't find anything
- I have physical access to the SD card

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this? smile


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Re: Login incorrect

Hi, this is absolutely not Archlinux32 related, so allow me to answer this one with a link to a page you might find interesting to read:


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