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Custom glibc for 2.6.32 kernel

For some reason, I need to run node.js binary from ArchLinux chrooted on a Centos 6 system which runs 2.6.32 kernel.

At some point (I don't remember when exactly) the code stopped to run with the infamous "FATAL: Kernel too old" message.

I tried to downgrade glibc, but apparently there were repackaging of some glibc dependencies, so it's not straightforward -U: it fails with "files exist in filesystem".

So I think that a solution is to make glibc-centos6 package which provides glibc.

But somehow getting the PKGBUILD with yaourt -G and then adding the custom PKGBUILD didn't work.

How do I proceed? How do I change package name without changing every place that relies on it being glibc?

Edit: apparently, according to … 00010.html (search for 3.2 there), the lowest supported boundary is 3.2 since glibc-2.26

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Re: Custom glibc for 2.6.32 kernel

This is an interesting idea. :-)
It's much easier the other way round, using the Archlinux kernel with Centos 6 chroots.

That said I think you could use a project like: … =glibc-git

as template.

Just add the --enable-kernel=2.6.32 to configure there.

I would actually use the same glibc version as in current Arch (not the git version):


The following constructs should actually allow you to replace the C library in the chroot containing Archlinux:


Good luck. :-)


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Re: Custom glibc for 2.6.32 kernel

It's part of my project. Running chroots on Arch is not an option because Arch doesn't run on OpenVZ 6.

pkgver=2.27 is not an option because 2.25 is the last one which supports 2.6.32 kernel. 2.26 and later don't allow anything older than --enable-kernel=3.2 due to the linked changelog message.

I ended up setting a chroot on Arch with pacman pointing to Arch Linux Archive of 2017/08/01

Ideally I'd like to find a maintained version of pre-2.26 glibc and build from there. The best I could find is that CentOS 7 uses glibc-2.17. So I could try building their tree or something like that.

The problem is complicated by gcc-libs having a constraint on glibc. That is, I need a special version of gcc-libs as well, and who knows of what else. Imagine node using a new function from recent glibc, and so on.


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