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WiFi needs to be kicked over on launch

Hi all,

I have an issue that has plagued me across multiple installations of Arch on my MSI GE60 2PL Apache: whenever I boot up I need to run the following script to get the WiFi to work.


sudo ip link set wlp5s0 down
sleep 3
sudo netctl start MY_WIFI_PROFILE

It should be noted that I I try to run the final command without first turning off wlp5s0 then it will fail. It will also fail if I don't wait for a few seconds in between the two commands. In other words I need to kick it over, waiting for it to fully die before starting it again. At least that's my interpretation.

At this point I'd settle for some way of executing the script automatically on login (as root), but if anyone has an idea why this might be occuring and how I might fix it I'm all ears. The profile in question was generated automatically by wifi-menu, and I'm using the LXDE desktop environment.

Many thanks,


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