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python-pyqt5 needs an update to 5.15.10?

Archlinux32 python-pyqt5 is currently at version 5.15.9, while other Archlinux32 Qt libraries are at 5.15.10. Also, python-pyqt5 is at version 5.15.10 for all other arch linux branches I've checked. (Old version 5.15.9 is only still in archlinux32, it seems.)

I don't know if this difference between python-pyqt5 being at 5.15.9 and other Qt libraries being at 5.15.10 will cause any trouble, though.

(I thought so, because I saw error messages about  "incompatible Qt library (5.15.9)" on my machine when trying to start programs like systemsettings. Such Qt based programs were obviously compiled by someone else, though. -- They are in extra. -- So, whether it was python-pyqt5 or anything else, I do not know.) (My knowledge of ldd or strace is just too limited to find that out.)

Yet, since

pacman -Ss | grep installed | egrep "15\.9"

yields python-pyqt5 as the only installed package with this diverging version number on my machine,  I'm asking, to those who know, whether this package, python-pyqt5, needs an update, because it has this old version number, or not.

(Just one more remark: Uninstalling it will not help with my "incompatible Qt library (5.15.9)" messages, of course. That problem has its origin in the past. It just made me ask about python-pyqt5 now.)

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