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#1 2020-06-23 16:46:39

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Hyper-V kernel crashes

JFYI most kernels crash on Windows 10 Hyper-V:

- 3.16.46 works
- 3.18.60 works
- 4.1.42 hangs
- 4.4.112 crashes
- 5.4.39 works
- 5.4.44 crashes
- 5.4.46 crashes
- 5.6.11 works
- 5.6.15 crashes
- 5.7.2 crashes

Unfortunately, no one knows or cares about this exotic configuration, so I'm basically on my own.

The Microsoft team is ready to help, but they use Debian as a reference, so at least we need to have lts-debian package, with the same config. Also building older lts branches is complicated because the 686 configs were removed by the Archlinux upstream.

Finally, there is a special Hyper-V kernel in Clearlinux, so porting those config and patches to i686 would improve Hyper-V support.

If anyone is interested in 32-bit Hyper-V, feel free to cooperate smile


#2 2020-10-06 17:09:38

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Re: Hyper-V kernel crashes

Ok here is an update in case anyone needs Hyper-V working but can't hack kernel. Stock packages - both linux and linux-lts both crash. 4.4.y crashes in vmbus initialization, 5.x crash in the paravirtualized TLB flush and I have a suspected commit.

Working versions:

- 3.16.85
- 3.18.140
- 4.13.6
- 4.19.146

I can provide with PKGBUILDs or package files if you need them.


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